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Monday, September 8th, 2003
3:52 pm
Retern of Jesus!
i 4got all about this LJ. Bad news tho. My mom sez that i cant use email anymore. So i prolly wont b answering comments 4 a while b/c i always get 2 many 2 answer on the LJ website + i lost all emails from ppl during this time so sry if i dont answer! im not alloud 2 b on IM ither. She even took my computor out of my room. i had 2 clean my bros room so that he wud let me use his 2 post this! i dont kno what i can keep payin him 2 let me use it? Hes got plenty of money already b/c our rents give it 2 him whenever.

The reason my mom is bein such a bitch is b/c i told her that ppl on the internet had given me teh idea 2 get in the hospital. But she dont know about my LJ! So i dont have 2 not use it nemore! But im not gonna get a new email or IM b/c i have 2 obey my mom b/c of the Bible.

So anyway the hospital ppl gave me some vitamins that i have 2 take every day. ive been tired + dizzy all the time since i got back. Since there r so many sick ppl in the hospital i guess i got somethin. But i have been drivin my new car that my daddy gave me 4 my birthday! The good news is that i saved Tracy! She waz posessed real bad but then she got the Holy Spirit inside! In fact i think that she thinks Jesus chose her 2 b the new Jesus! She keeps talkin about how she is the Lord God Jesus + i think he is speakin thru her! im real excited about this it may b the second cuming thru my good friend! But the hospital gave her pills that drove the Holy Spirit out. Satan has a whole lot of ppl on his side. Now i want her 2 stop the pills so that i can write out what Jesus has 2 say thru her + share it with the world! im the best Christian eva! im gonna b famous!

o ya + Stacy killed her baby so shes goin 2 hell. What else? o ya some1 broke in2 our house while i waz gone + they ripped my room apart real bad but they only stole some lame toy teddy that ive had since i was like 3 or somethin' whats up with that? School started 2. School sux! i dunno what all else ive missed but im sure u will all get 2 b caught up on my life. That is if i can get 2 a computor 2 update this!

GOD bless,

Current Mood: mellow
Thursday, July 31st, 2003
10:48 pm
The Plan
i got an idea of how 2 save Tracy 2morrow! im gonna pretend 2 b crazy so that i get into the hospital! i will pretend like im gonna commit suicide or hurt some1! i kno it is deception which is of the devil but i will pray 4 Jesus 2 4give me b/c its 4 Tracys soul. Wish me luck! im such a great friend!

GOD bless,

Current Mood: devious
8:12 pm
Hospital Ppl r Dumb.
i had a dream that i had a totaly kewl hairdo! But then i woke up + was totaly pissed that it wasnt rilly real, yo! i need 2 go 2 the salon 2morrow i guess!

So Stacy turned out 2 b preggers, which means she was lying about it being her 1st time w/ that guy! Shes a slut. She was cryin + she doesnt want 2 tell her mom + she wants 2 find that guys contact info so she can get him 2 pay her money 2 kill their baby! I gotta find a way 2 stop her from killin the baby!

We stopped by the hospital + tried 2 get in saying we were holy women + i even showed the hospital ppl my Bible keychain but they still wud not let me in! i think that is discriminating against Christians. Christians r persecuted all the time by every1. i should find some1 2 help us overcome. Fite the power!!!

GOD bless,

Current Mood: annoyed
Wednesday, July 30th, 2003
8:47 pm


So i called Bruce 2day 2 ask him about the big bean bag bear the drug guys gave me. He said i was rite that he gave me the bear thru the drug guys 2 b nice. But he sez he wants 2 look @ the bear 2 c if it is the rite 1. i described it as it is brown with big eyes + sez "Sweet As Sugar" on the front but he still wants 2 c it. My mom says im not allowed 2 c Bruce anymore tho so i dont kno how he is gonna c it i dont think she will let him in the house.

Stacy called + said she hasnt got her period so she is prolly preggers. i told her u cant get preggers on the 1st time but shes gonna go 2morrow 2 get a test so im gonna go with her.

i rilly got 2 c Tracy soon. i read up on demons + i gotta cast them out + break all the witch curses on her. But the hospital wont let her friends visit rite now b/c she did somethin bad while in the hospital or somethin i dont kno what! But they always let clergy in the hospital so maybe if i say im a holy woman (b/c i am) they will let me in? i dunno, does any1 kno how 2 get in 2 the hospital 2 c ppl who arent allowed visitors?

GOD bless,

Current Mood: shocked
Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
5:45 pm
im just glad its all over!
OMG it was so scary! i was out in the front yard with my iguana + these guys pulled up + started yellin @ me about stuff from Bruce + i knew that it was the drug guys! i ran in the house + hid under my bed with the iguana + called the police on my cell phone! But then some1 knocked on the door so i had 2 go answer it + it was the same drug guys! They were yellin all kindsa mean potty words + my parents werent home so i didnt kno what 2 do! After a while of tellin them i didnt have no drugs + they were callin Bruce on their phone, the police were pullin up so they changed their tune + said i was pretti so they were givin me a present! They gave me a teddy bear! Isnt that so freaky? They turned rite around as soon as the cops came + they were sorry that they messed with a grrrl like me. The police talked 2 me + gave me a # + said they mite call me but they wud not say what was gonna happen 2 the guys. i still hope they get in trouble even tho i like my present.

GOD bless,

Current Mood: relieved
Monday, July 28th, 2003
9:28 pm
i came home 2nite b/c i dont want those bad guys 2 push me around anymore + also b/c i cant hang out @ the hospital all day 2morrow b/c Tracy did something rilly bad or somethin so now she cant have visitors. WTF? Hospital suck + she isnt even sick! So no drug guys here yet. i asked my mom if i coud have her marijuana + she said no! Shes such a mean mom! im just glad that she let me stay at Lances house these last few days. She was mad @ 1st but my dad told her 2 shut up + 2day she met Lance. She thinks hes gay. Whatever!

GOD bless,

Current Mood: confused
Sunday, July 27th, 2003
11:04 pm
i think im gonna write Allen Maloney @ exorcism.net to cure Tracy b/c shes gettin worse.
He only charges $75!

GOD bless,

Current Mood: chipper
2:12 pm
Still hidin out away from home. Lances guest bedroom has lotsa flowers. Was lookin 4 cars with Lance all yesterday! its kinda a tie between a slug bug car that we could paint flowers on or a 1985 Volkswagon Cabriolet convertible which i totaly luv. i cant say where i am rite now b/c the bad guys mite b readin this but i miss being @ home + having time 2 reply 2 all my comments. Sry fans!

GOD bless,

Current Mood: anxious
Friday, July 25th, 2003
1:23 pm
Didnt go home last nite b/c i was so worried about the drug guys. im not even home rite now but i wont say where i am! i have 2 go home 2nite tho b/c nobody will feed my iguana the dumb servants r afraid of him. Y does everything have 2 b such a hassle 4 me?

GOD bless,

Current Mood: uncomfortable
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003
10:27 pm
Lookin Out 4 #1
So 2day i stayed away from home as long as possible b/c of worrying about drug guys! i stayed in stores in the mall that i normally wud not b caught dead in LOLOL! i wore dark heart-shaped sunglasses + a big pink hat 2 hide my face. It was so spooky like being a spy + junk! i went 2 c Tracy again. i snuck her in a leg razor b/c they wud not let her have 1.

Current Mood: chipper
Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003
5:24 pm
Wierdness + Junk
OMG when i left the house this morning Bruce was there in his car + he said that i best b answerin my phone! He said that there were guys who were gonna buy drugs from him + he thinks i stole em + he told the guys 2 come 2 my house 2 get it!!! They r also gonna drop off stuff 4 Bruce or somethin. i dunno what 2 do! i dont have the drugs 4 them. i dont even kno what kinda drugs they want! i dont kno what 2 give them instead. Money? Jewelry? My moms marijuana? What wud drug ppl want? Maybe they will just think im 2 cute + they will let me b.

So i got some holy water from the church + i went 2 visit Tracy. She is doin OK but they gotta take a lota blood tests over the next few days 4 some reason + they want 2 mentaly evaluate her + whatnot which we both think is stupid b/c shes not sick. i asked her if she wanted an LJ when she came home. She said prolly not b/c she doesnt want ppl spying on her. But i said it could b "Friends Only" if she wanted + i told her she could put her poetry in there so she said that maybe she will try it out when they let her out of the hospital.

GOD bless,

Current Mood: busy
Monday, July 21st, 2003
6:41 pm
Thank u!
onethousandcats gave me a code 2 give 2 Tracy if she wants a LJ! Thank u! i will try 2 visit her soon + ask if she wants it when she comes home from the hospital!

GOD bless,

Current Mood: thankful
5:36 pm
Drug Problies
So Tracy went 2 the hospital b/c she ate alot of Tylenol pills + got sick. What a dummie! i got 2 save her from the demons b4 she goes 2 hell! starrhiannon knows alot about demon posession + she told me 2 ask my Pastor 4 some holy water 2 sprinkle on Tracy. So im gonna visit her in the hospital 2 do that. padpedpladuk sez that maybe she should have an LJ but i dont have a code 2 give her if she wants 1.

i caught my mom smokin marijuana 2day! i dont kno what 2 do. if i call the cops will it not b honoring my mother like it sez in the Bible? Bruce has been callin me 2 much + i wont talk 2 him. Maybe my mom took his drugs? im scared that he is gonna give me drugs like he said he wud. Or maybe he will shoot me? But i cant call the cops on him b/c he never did nothing wrong!

GOD bless,

Current Mood: okay
Sunday, July 20th, 2003
4:20 pm
Cheer Up Tracy!
Well i just spent a couple days at Tracys place! When i 1st got there i knew rite away what was wrong w/ her! Shes a total goth. Everything was black + gray in her room. So i left rite away + stopped by my house 2 pick up some supplies. i got some old draperies + bedclothes + dolls of mine. i burned a CD of the song "Bring It All Back" by S Club 7 so that it wud play over + over again. i stopped @ the store 2 buy pink paint + some new clothes 4 her + went back 2 her house 2 put her 2 work! She wasnt very full of energy so she just moaned + curled up in a ball on teh floor while i fixed her room rite up! im such a good friend!

She told me that shes been seeing things + hearing voices in her head. Which is either a good thing or a bad thing b/c it means its either GOD or demons. So i took her 2 church with me 2day so that we could talk 2 the Pastor afterwards even tho hes been trying 2 avoid me or somethin. So we talked 2 him about it + he said it was definately demons! Tracy has got 2 cast them out by praying 2 Jesus but she feels that GOD has abandonded her or somethin so she doesnt want 2. The Pastor was busy with other activities 2day but he said he wud ask some other ppl about it b/c he doesnt have much experience w/ demons yet b/c hes a new Pastor. i dont kno what 2 do!

GOD bless,

Current Mood: worried
Friday, July 18th, 2003
1:30 pm
Bruce is Mad?
Bruce called me 2day. He got the box of his stuff from my daddy. He was askin me where all the drugs were that were in there! There were no drugs in there! i checked my purse + everything! i told him that i didnt take no drugs + he just got more mad! He was askin me what he had 2 do so that i wud not go 2 the police. i was so confused! He asked me if i wanted more drugs + i said no + then he said that was proof that i took them in the 1st place + he hung up on me! i dunno what 2 do. He keeps callin back but i wont answer.

i think im gonna go 2 Tracys house 2nite + talk 2 her about hell + how bad shes been so that she wont b depressed anymore.

GOD bless,

Current Mood: shocked
Thursday, July 17th, 2003
6:56 pm
i got a B- on random_review but they sure used alota potty words. I shoulda got an A+.

GOD bless,

Current Mood: accomplished
5:16 pm
No Bad Dreams!
No bad dreams last nite! The blessing must have cured teh kitten? im busy 2nite b/c i got alota magazines + stuff so i could cut out pictures + make a collage on my wall 4 thinspiration! Tracy is still being a dumb selfish attention ho. She cut herself last nite on purpose! What a loser. i hope she doesnt kill herself tho b/c thats a sin. i cant stand ppl who think they r mentally ill. They should just snap out of it! They r only like that b/c they r weak in the spirit.

i bought rubber nail covers from the vet 2day 4 my iguana so that he cant climb anymore b/c it bugs me. The post office sent me back my package 4 whatever reason. i told my daddy 2 take the box 2 Bruce 2day.

GOD bless,

Current Mood: awake
Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
5:11 pm
i had another sinful dream! Jesus, make them stop! i went 2 talk 2 the Pastor + he was irritated b/c he volunteers + spends time with his family on weekdays. But i asked my mom if i could take the black kitten 2 b blessed + she had me take the mom + all the kittens. The Pastor blessed them so i prolly wont have anymore trouble! i need 2 find some1 2 sell it 2 as soon as its old enuf! its not weaned yet tho. The Pastor said he wud put up an ad in the church bulleton 4 all the kittens.

Lances insurance guy called me + asked me questions about that nite with Bruce. Lance said the guy told him he could have the money in 2 weeks or 2 months! But we can start shopping 4 cars maybe this weekend just 2 put down the deposit! Whats a trendy car that i wud b seen in that he could afford? i dunno!

Tracy is being such a dumb grrrl. im getting mad @ her 4 sayin that she might kill herself.

yummysexgoddess made herself a Fan Club, ysgfanclub, 2 b like me!

GOD bless,

Current Mood: giggly
Tuesday, July 15th, 2003
10:12 pm

If i was a serial killer i would be Charles Manson.

Charles Manson... the only serial killer that faces life in prison, yet never actually killed anyone.

Manson believed that by starting a cult, and manipulating his followers with drugs and mental suggestion he would get them to think he was the next messiah, and force them into doing anything he said, he was right.

One night in the Hollywood hills, Manson set out his minions to attack the home of the head of a record label that rejected his work years back. That night they murdered 5 people one of which was Sharon Tate who was also eight months pregnant at the time. Shooting and stabbing their victims repeatedly and smearing the words "Die Pig Die", and "Helter Skelter" over the walls.

Manson thought that by doing these killings that it would start a race war between blacks and whites. He also believed that the Beatles wrote many of their songs for and about him.

kill count: 5

Find what serial killer you would be, Take the Serial Killer Quiz now!

i had another sinful dream + only shopping 4 the cutest pair of shoes could turn my day happy! But Tracy wud not come with me 2day. She said she was depressed! O no not this stuff again! i h8 it when ppl get like this! i told her 2 snap out of it tho. Shes depressed 4 no good reason. Jerk.

GOD bless,

Current Mood: calm
Monday, July 14th, 2003
10:21 pm
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