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i had another sinful dream! Jesus, make them stop! i went 2 talk 2 the Pastor + he was irritated b/c he volunteers + spends time with his family on weekdays. But i asked my mom if i could take the black kitten 2 b blessed + she had me take the mom + all the kittens. The Pastor blessed them so i prolly wont have anymore trouble! i need 2 find some1 2 sell it 2 as soon as its old enuf! its not weaned yet tho. The Pastor said he wud put up an ad in the church bulleton 4 all the kittens.

Lances insurance guy called me + asked me questions about that nite with Bruce. Lance said the guy told him he could have the money in 2 weeks or 2 months! But we can start shopping 4 cars maybe this weekend just 2 put down the deposit! Whats a trendy car that i wud b seen in that he could afford? i dunno!

Tracy is being such a dumb grrrl. im getting mad @ her 4 sayin that she might kill herself.

yummysexgoddess made herself a Fan Club, ysgfanclub, 2 b like me!

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