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No Bad Dreams!

No bad dreams last nite! The blessing must have cured teh kitten? im busy 2nite b/c i got alota magazines + stuff so i could cut out pictures + make a collage on my wall 4 thinspiration! Tracy is still being a dumb selfish attention ho. She cut herself last nite on purpose! What a loser. i hope she doesnt kill herself tho b/c thats a sin. i cant stand ppl who think they r mentally ill. They should just snap out of it! They r only like that b/c they r weak in the spirit.

i bought rubber nail covers from the vet 2day 4 my iguana so that he cant climb anymore b/c it bugs me. The post office sent me back my package 4 whatever reason. i told my daddy 2 take the box 2 Bruce 2day.

GOD bless,
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