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Bruce is Mad?

Bruce called me 2day. He got the box of his stuff from my daddy. He was askin me where all the drugs were that were in there! There were no drugs in there! i checked my purse + everything! i told him that i didnt take no drugs + he just got more mad! He was askin me what he had 2 do so that i wud not go 2 the police. i was so confused! He asked me if i wanted more drugs + i said no + then he said that was proof that i took them in the 1st place + he hung up on me! i dunno what 2 do. He keeps callin back but i wont answer.

i think im gonna go 2 Tracys house 2nite + talk 2 her about hell + how bad shes been so that she wont b depressed anymore.

GOD bless,
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