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Cheer Up Tracy!

Well i just spent a couple days at Tracys place! When i 1st got there i knew rite away what was wrong w/ her! Shes a total goth. Everything was black + gray in her room. So i left rite away + stopped by my house 2 pick up some supplies. i got some old draperies + bedclothes + dolls of mine. i burned a CD of the song "Bring It All Back" by S Club 7 so that it wud play over + over again. i stopped @ the store 2 buy pink paint + some new clothes 4 her + went back 2 her house 2 put her 2 work! She wasnt very full of energy so she just moaned + curled up in a ball on teh floor while i fixed her room rite up! im such a good friend!

She told me that shes been seeing things + hearing voices in her head. Which is either a good thing or a bad thing b/c it means its either GOD or demons. So i took her 2 church with me 2day so that we could talk 2 the Pastor afterwards even tho hes been trying 2 avoid me or somethin. So we talked 2 him about it + he said it was definately demons! Tracy has got 2 cast them out by praying 2 Jesus but she feels that GOD has abandonded her or somethin so she doesnt want 2. The Pastor was busy with other activities 2day but he said he wud ask some other ppl about it b/c he doesnt have much experience w/ demons yet b/c hes a new Pastor. i dont kno what 2 do!

GOD bless,
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