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Drug Problies

So Tracy went 2 the hospital b/c she ate alot of Tylenol pills + got sick. What a dummie! i got 2 save her from the demons b4 she goes 2 hell! starrhiannon knows alot about demon posession + she told me 2 ask my Pastor 4 some holy water 2 sprinkle on Tracy. So im gonna visit her in the hospital 2 do that. padpedpladuk sez that maybe she should have an LJ but i dont have a code 2 give her if she wants 1.

i caught my mom smokin marijuana 2day! i dont kno what 2 do. if i call the cops will it not b honoring my mother like it sez in the Bible? Bruce has been callin me 2 much + i wont talk 2 him. Maybe my mom took his drugs? im scared that he is gonna give me drugs like he said he wud. Or maybe he will shoot me? But i cant call the cops on him b/c he never did nothing wrong!

GOD bless,
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