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Wierdness + Junk

OMG when i left the house this morning Bruce was there in his car + he said that i best b answerin my phone! He said that there were guys who were gonna buy drugs from him + he thinks i stole em + he told the guys 2 come 2 my house 2 get it!!! They r also gonna drop off stuff 4 Bruce or somethin. i dunno what 2 do! i dont have the drugs 4 them. i dont even kno what kinda drugs they want! i dont kno what 2 give them instead. Money? Jewelry? My moms marijuana? What wud drug ppl want? Maybe they will just think im 2 cute + they will let me b.

So i got some holy water from the church + i went 2 visit Tracy. She is doin OK but they gotta take a lota blood tests over the next few days 4 some reason + they want 2 mentaly evaluate her + whatnot which we both think is stupid b/c shes not sick. i asked her if she wanted an LJ when she came home. She said prolly not b/c she doesnt want ppl spying on her. But i said it could b "Friends Only" if she wanted + i told her she could put her poetry in there so she said that maybe she will try it out when they let her out of the hospital.

GOD bless,
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