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im just glad its all over!

OMG it was so scary! i was out in the front yard with my iguana + these guys pulled up + started yellin @ me about stuff from Bruce + i knew that it was the drug guys! i ran in the house + hid under my bed with the iguana + called the police on my cell phone! But then some1 knocked on the door so i had 2 go answer it + it was the same drug guys! They were yellin all kindsa mean potty words + my parents werent home so i didnt kno what 2 do! After a while of tellin them i didnt have no drugs + they were callin Bruce on their phone, the police were pullin up so they changed their tune + said i was pretti so they were givin me a present! They gave me a teddy bear! Isnt that so freaky? They turned rite around as soon as the cops came + they were sorry that they messed with a grrrl like me. The police talked 2 me + gave me a # + said they mite call me but they wud not say what was gonna happen 2 the guys. i still hope they get in trouble even tho i like my present.

GOD bless,
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