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Hospital Ppl r Dumb.

i had a dream that i had a totaly kewl hairdo! But then i woke up + was totaly pissed that it wasnt rilly real, yo! i need 2 go 2 the salon 2morrow i guess!

So Stacy turned out 2 b preggers, which means she was lying about it being her 1st time w/ that guy! Shes a slut. She was cryin + she doesnt want 2 tell her mom + she wants 2 find that guys contact info so she can get him 2 pay her money 2 kill their baby! I gotta find a way 2 stop her from killin the baby!

We stopped by the hospital + tried 2 get in saying we were holy women + i even showed the hospital ppl my Bible keychain but they still wud not let me in! i think that is discriminating against Christians. Christians r persecuted all the time by every1. i should find some1 2 help us overcome. Fite the power!!!

GOD bless,
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